Windows vs Linux

Now, I'm somewhat operating system ambidextrous – I've used Windows, OS X, and certain distros of Linux (Ubuntu and Debian mainly), and I can easily switch between all of them. Occasionally, I'll switch from using Windows on my desktop to Linux, and vice versa. I used to have a Surface Pro, and used it extensively for a few years, but both prior, and after that, I have been using a Mid-2010 Macbook Pro. Now, I've also used Linux on my Macbook, but the usefulness of a Linux based operating system versus a UNIX based operating system is little. The usefulness of a Linux based operating system versus Windows is incredibly, rather than the era of DOS (Mainly for backwards compatibility) for a command line interface, you have a modern BASH shell, that can easily be swapped out for something like Fish, Dash, or something older like zsh. While you can run 'nix programs on Windows using cygwin, you are restricted to a similar interface to CMD, and have to look at third party applications to come close to Terminal on OS X or Ubuntu.

I have a love-hate relationship with Apple, and I used to switch between the two of them. I used to be a "nothing but Microsoft" guy who hated on everything Apple did, and then I started using OS X, and pretty much praised Steve Jobs for creating the perfect operating system. After I got my Surface, I switched right back, widely criticizing Apple for being overly simplistic. I guess as I've gotten older, I stopped being a fanboy, and rather see the better use-case for both sides. I use Windows 10 on my desktop, mainly for game compatibility, but run OS X 10.10 on my aging laptop. I currently have a Debian based server, but previously I only ran Ubuntu server. I don't necessarily mind what operating system I'm using, as most of the apps I use (Sublime Text, Steam, Lua, Python, LibreOffice) operate well on all of them.

The only thing I have yet to find is a Markdown app that works on all operating systems, that I like. I currently use MacDown on OS X, and Markdown Pad Pro on Windows. It's been far too long since I used a Linux-GUI operating system that I've forgotten what I used there.

I'd like to leave with one statement:

Please, please do not fanboy and hate another group over something like the brand of hardware they use or the operating system they run. It's stupid, and we have enough unhappiness in the world as it is.

Except Vi vs Emacs. One of them is obviously wrong.