Sideloading GBA4iOS for free!

This is a small guide to compile GBA4iOS on your Mac and sideload it onto your device. Now that Apple has made compiling iOS apps and sideloading available to all accounts, you are able to use any regular iCloud account - no need to pay that $99 fee any longer!

To start off, you should have Xcode installed from the App Store and command line tools or a third party git program. We're going to be building this in our home directory, but if you change it be sure to modify the commands later in the guide, or else it will result in errors! Also, please note the username to the left of the '$' sign, you will need it. Mine in this example will be Candunc.

To start off, copy and paste the bottom commands into Terminal. The first command requires you to type your password, but please note that your password will not show up. Simply type it and press enter, the system will confirm that the password is correct.

sudo gem install cocoapods # Only needed if it isn't already installed  
cd ~  
git clone  
cd gba4ios/  
pod install  

Now, here comes the manual part. Navigate to your home directory by either going to it in Finder, or if you don't know what that is, right click Finder, select 'Go to Folder...', press the tilde key (~) and press enter. There will be a folder called 'gba4ios', open it, and then open the file inside called "GBA4iOS.xcworkspace" which should be the white Xcode icon.

Open it, and give it time to index all the files and folder, your computer may act a bit slow but don't worry too much. One it has loaded, click 'Find' on the top menu, and select 'Find and Replace Workspace...'

First off, we need to specify the Dropbox-SDK location. Copy the following into the proper columns, replacing Username with the one you saw in Terminal earlier.

Replace: '#import <Dropbox-iOS-SDK/DropboxSDK.h>'

With   : '#import </Users/_Username_/gba4ios/Pods/Dropbox-iOS-SDK/dropbox-ios-sdk-1.3.13/DropboxSDK.framework/Headers/DropboxSDK.h>  

Now, CrashlyticsFramework, doing the same with the username

Replace: '#import <CrashlyticsFramework/Crashlytics.h>'

With   : '#import </Users/_Username_/gba4ios/Pods/CrashlyticsFramework/Crashlytics.Framework/Headers/Crashlytics.h>'  

After you have done both of this and clicked Replace All, we need to make one last change. Click the folder icon in the top left corner, then in the center window select 'Build Settings'. Click on the search icon in the bar below 'Build Settings', and type in Bitcode. Change enable Bitcode to 'No'

Now click the button labeled 'neral' in the same bar as Build Settings, and change the Bundle Identifier. Change the text from rileytestut to something unique to yourself, it doesn't matter what you put here.

Lastly you need to set up your 'Team', which is little more than your own Apple ID. Click where it says 'Unknown name' and select your own name. If it isn't there, click 'Add an account' and enter the details for your Apple ID. Once you have done this, plug in your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with a cable directly to your computer. Where it says 'iOS Simulator', click it and select your connected device. In my example, I clicked my iPhone named Niall.

And you're done! Click the 'Play' button in the top left hand corner, and let it compile. Your computer may get hot and be unbearably slow, however it should only take a few minutes. Perhaps grab a cup of Coffee? Once it is done, it will open Automatically on your phone. It may say something about setting a time, but you shouldn't have to worry about that.

You're done! Rather than paying the $9.99/device provided by the other store, you've done it yourself for free. You can do this to as many devices as you want, just rinse and repeat selecting the device in the top-left dropdown menu, and click the 'Play' button once again.

Good luck, and enjoy GBA4iOS!