Let's Encrypt: The Future of Security

With the advent of spying by government agencies, the push for security has gotten more and more important. Let's Encrypt is a fantastic, free service for SSL / TLS. The only limitation is that you should renew the certificate every 90 days, however the cert lasts for a whole three months. It is in closed beta right now, however I managed to get a certificate early as part of their beta program. After about an hour of trying to figure out what to do – all of which was nicely included in the email – I finally got it working nice. I have nginx set up to redirect any http:// over to https://, and to the viewer it should work fine. The only issue is a few of my blog posts have images hosted on an old ftp server, which doesn't have support for https nor secure ftp, and of course, is an issue for secure websites.

Well if nothing, be glad the NSA can't passively steal this traffic (Since this Digital Ocean server is hosted in the US.) With Let's Encrypt backed by major companies, CISCO, EFF, Mozilla, and so on, I feel like this is in good hands.

Edit: As of today (2015-11-07) this website is hosted in Toronto, Canada. With SSL, there is little possibility the NSA can steal our traffic 😝