Get around RealVNC's Migration to VNC Connect

Hi. The below few paragraphs is a rant. Please head to the bottom for download links.

As you may have noticed, RealVNC has upgraded their VNC server to a horribly expensive and inefficient server. Direct TCP connections are no longer available, unless you are willing to pay $55 per computer per year. Say goodbye to their old, free 5 computer license for direct connections, as long as you were fine with no encryption.

realvnc pricing

I'm sure many consumers will find the cloud connection very useful, but I used RealVNC to bridge together various headless computer on my LAN. Others may be connecting to a computer at their friend's house, or are using RealVNC to help their parents out whenever it is needed, and sure the cloud will work there.

I'm just upset that they've gotten rid of direct TCP connection, I don't care if I don't have encryption on my own LAN, none of it hits the internet! Well, I have 2 five computer licenses, and I can give one away if you want. Just shoot me an email, first come, first serve.

These all link to the latest release of VNC 5.3.1. These are compatible with all VNC 5 licence codes (IE: Compatible with previous licence keys emailed to you under the free account.)

Windows x86/x64 Installer MSI Installer ZIP
OS X / Mac OS 10.9 and Later 10.6 - 10.8
Linux Deb x64 RPM x64 Generic
Raspberry Pi DEB ARM HF

Please Note: These are direct links to the RealVNC Website. I will soon be modifying them so that they are hosted elsewhere.